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At TATA IIS, we humbly present a collaborative partnership that extends beyond conventional training. Our focus is not just on skilling but on unlocking the unique potential of today's youth and preparing them for real-world challenges that lie ahead. Join us as we embark on a humble yet transformative journey towards shaping a brighter and empowered future where skills grow and opportunities flourish.

Ways to Partner


We deeply appreciate the significance of expertise in specific domains. Our commitment involves learning from industry while designing and delivering courses.

Your inputs on key pain points, the skilling landscape, and evolving job roles are highly valued. Collaboration through guest lectures, industry visits, and live projects, is warmly welcomed as we strive for shared growth and excellence.


With the majority of our trainees coming from humble backgrounds, financial assistance is crucial. Sponsoring fees, accommodation, meals, or transportation would be immensely helpful.

Contributions towards building infrastructure or acquiring equipment are also impactful ways to assist us in making a meaningful difference.


Connecting with youth and their families from smaller towns and villages is a gradual process. Collaboration with organizations or individuals in the social

who have spent time fostering connections and building trust with the residents over time helps us ensure that information about our skilling courses reach the last mile.

Placements and Internships

A pivotal measure for ensuring the quality delivery of our courses is to elevate our candidates to a standard worthy of placement in top-notch companies.

Continuously expanding our network is crucial to finding the right fit for our trainees and ensuring their suitability for the industry. Join us in this ongoing effort to provide meaningful opportunities for the professional growth of IIS trainees.

Partner with us

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Legacy of Excellence

Join the renowned Tata Group, where your potential will flourish. Be part of a brand recognized for its unparalleled excellence, innovation, and societal impact.

Unmatched Energy

Experience the dynamic synergy of well-established excellence combined with the vigor of a startup. Propel your career within a vibrant ecosystem that seamlessly blends the best of both worlds.

Pioneering Impact

IIS is at the forefront, setting new benchmarks in scale and quality. Create a pioneering path for emerging skilling institutes in India and actively contributing to the evolution of vocational training.

Empowering Nation Building

Contribute significantly to India's journey in harnessing its demographic dividend, playing a pivotal role in the nation's ascent to becoming one of the world's largest manufacturing hubs. Your role in this transformative journey is indispensable.

Work with us

Departments/ Roles/ Teams

  • Optimizing Impact with Precision: Our Programs Division

    At the centre of operational excellence is our programmes team, which ensures careful planning, implementation, and cooperation to deliver a wide range of skill-building courses for various industries. Assuring quality, encouraging partner development, and precisely forecasting demand are our main priorities.

  • Elevating Quality Through Industry Insight: Our Faculty Division

    Our trainers provide material that is in line with the constantly changing demands of the Indian industrial landscape thanks to their extensive industry expertise. Our commitment to quality is unwavering, and we promise outstanding course delivery through the integration of design thinking and empathy.

  • Forging Impactful Connections: Our Mobilization Division

    Our mobilisation team works in proactive partnership with important stakeholders, including government agencies, educational institutions, and non-profits. Identifying motivated applicants and bringing our programmes to the attention of those who stand to gain the most—even in remote areas—are our goals.

  • Efficiency's Core: Our Administration Division

    The foundation of our efficiency is our administration staff, which ensures smooth operations by offering efficient help in the areas of logistics, finance, legal, HR, and administration. Their meticulous planning guarantees the efficient and successful operation of our projects.

  • Shaping Tomorrow's Path: Our Strategy Division

    The strategy team is essential to our purpose and is responsible for creating a solid foundation for an exceptional skilling school. With the long-term goal of driving the overall development of India, our plan smoothly combines planning and implementation, in line with general and specific goals to improve the jobless population's quality of life.